Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Description of Alina

Alina is a girl from Kazakhstan,it is a country near Russia,she was also born in Kazakhstan.She was born on 5th June 2001 and she has a 8 month old brother and his birthday is on 16 June 2012 and he was born in New Zealand.

Alina likes doing sport and her favourite sport is net ball.Somethings that Alina likes are cooking and baking likes cooking and baking also.Some of the things that she doesn’t like is shooting the goal in netball.One of her chores are to put the dishes in the dishwasher.

And now Alina’s family,Alina’s dad’s name is Alex,her mum’s name is Barbara and her brothers name is Daniel and he is 8 months.She has 2 rabbits 1 is white and brown and 1 is black and 1 dog in Kazakhstan called Rapunzel.Alina is 11 years old and she is turning 12 on 5 July.

Alina has long,dark brown hair.She has brown eyes and she is very pretty.She has medium eyelashes.She is Russian so she has a white face you have dark pink lips and she has a oval head.She has long nails and she is going to cut her nails soon.

Alina’s star sign is Gemini and her birthstone is Pearl.Alina is really pretty and really nice.You should try being her friend she will talk to you a lot.She will help you when you are stuck in the pit.Alina is Christian. Thanks For Reading!!!

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