Monday, 18 March 2013

Description of Sebaan


Have I met the SC?
  • Introduction
  • Adjectives
  • Characteristics - bundles of facts x 3 with at least 5 sentences
  • Punctuation and Spelling
  • Conclusion
Description of Sebaan

Sebaan is from Wellington. Her family arrived in Auckland in 2012. She is a beautiful girl.
Sebaan has many friends at school. I am her friend, because she is helping me with my
English. Sebaan is attending dance classes.

Looks : She has long black hair. Sebaan wears a uniform in school. She has black shoes.
She has brown eyes. She has earrings but she does not wear them at school.

Family: Sebaan’s mum is a beautiful lady. Her name is Gemma. Her family lives in a house
in St Johns. Sebaan has one half sister.Her half sister’s name is Mia but she is not living with

Likes : Sebaan likes to read books. She likes to run. At school she likes to do her learning on her computer. She likes musical instruments. She also likes to play bowling with her friends.

Doesn’t like: Rock music, because is about the devil. She doesn’t like it when people are being rude and have bad manners. Also she don’t like licorice because it taste too disgusting. Sebaan also doesn’t like when people are lazy and don’t do their jobs.

Now you know more about Sebaan and you can be her friend if you want.

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