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Description of Vicky Kralev

Punctuation and Spelling

Vicky is a girl who goes to Stonefields School at the base of Mt Wellington in Auckland with me and her younger brother Tony.

Was born:
Vicky was born in Bulgaria where she grew up.Vicky was born on the 2nd of may 2003.

Is from:
Vicky and her family has immigrated to New Zealand from Sofia , Bulgaria and are now living here in Auckland with her family in a big and extraordinary house. Bulgaria is in Europe it is close to Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.  I think it is a Gigantic move compared to my move.Vicky and her family (Not including her cousin)have been in Auckland & New Zealand for 6 month’s.

Look’s like:
Vicky has dark mouse hair it is also straight it is short as well. She has Light skin & dark brown eyes.  She is very tall and slim that she would make a great basketball player. She has a very big smile that is a bit like a banana.


In her family is her brother Tony her Mum Chrissy and her Dad Svetlozar. She has a cousin named Kalina who is 3 yrs. old, and is also very cute.

Vicky likes Listening to music. She is interested in reading also likes skyping and talking to her friends in Bulgaria so they can keep in touch and to see how things have changed.Vicky also likes going to the library and getting lot’s of book’s to read.

Does not like:
Vicky hate’s tomatoes Because they taste yuck (Vicky),but I love tomatoes because they are healthy and crunchy.

Favourite food:
Vicky”s fave food is Macaroone Cheese because it taste beautiful & yummy and also it is very cheesy. (We have the heaps of common things that we like are basicly the same.)

Favourite colour:
Vicky’s fave colour is purple and it is also my favourite colour.Vicky likes purple because it is the colour of joy the same as me.I also like purple because it reminds me of the cadbury factory.The real reason why vicky likes purple is because it is an elegant colour and it is pretty.Vicky fave flower are Bluebells and she really likes the colour because it is purple.

When Vicky grows up she wants to be:
A singer because it is one of her hobbies and she also like to make up song’s. She also adores Selena gomez.

Overall, Vicky is very unique and is a very friendly person & a great friend. She is also my friend.

By Sebaan Hub 3

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