Thursday, 28 March 2013

Descriptive Writing about Daniel

Have I met the SC?

  • Introduction
  • Punctuation and Spelling
  • Adjectives
  • Characteristics - 3 bundles of facts with at least 5 sentences
  • Conclusion

Daniel is ten years old. He goes to Stonefields School.

Daniel has short black hair. He has black eyes. When Daniel is at school, he wears his school uniform, but he doesn’t wear shoes. Daniel is short but he is a very fast runner. His skin is brown like chocolate.

Daniels mum’s name is Theresa. His dad name is Ronan. His sister’s name is Julea. She is five years old.  His uncle’s name is Ronald. His grandads name is Julio. He lives with his mum, his dad and his sister. His dad works at electrix. his sister  go to stonefields school in hub one.  He likes living with his family.His sister is sometimes nice. He lives on the Ellerslie Panmure Highway. His mum was born in the  philippines in May 23th 1979. His dad was born in the philippines on the May 16th. His sister was born on July 14th 2007. He was born on March 8th 2003.

Daniel likes going out to play with his bike outside. He likes ice cream, pizzas, fried rice, chocolates and chips. He likes to play rugby and basketball. He like going to school.

Daniel is a friendly boy in my hub.

By Reece

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