Thursday, 14 March 2013

SC Writing

  • Punctuation +Spelling
  • Adjectives + Nouns’
  • Introduction
  • Bundles of facts x 3 with at least 5 sentences
  • Conclusion

John key was born in Auckland but as a child he grew up in Christchurch.
His mothers name was Ruth and his fathers name is George.Keys father fought in world war 2.John key has two sisters.Key went to Aorangi school as a child and then he went to burnside high school before attending the university of canterbury to do a bachelor of commerce.

John keys first job was as an auditor at McCullough menzies,and then he moved on to a Christchurch-based clothing manufacturer
lane walker RudKin for two years.keys began working as a foreign exchange dealer at elder finance in Wellington and rose to the position of head foreign exchange trader two years later. Then moved to Auckland from Wellington with his family.

Key became prime minister following the general election on the 8 of which signalled an end to the labours lead in government of nine years under helen clark. the national party, promoting a policy of “change”won 49% of the party vote and 59 of the 122 seats in parliament (including a two seat over overhang),a substantial margin over the labour
party which won 43 seats.

John Key has been priminster since 2006 and the next ellection on the year 2015

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