Thursday, 28 March 2013

Descriptive writing 19.3.13

  • Intro
  • Punctuation and Spelling
  • Evaluation
  • Characteristic s - at least 3 bundles with 5 sentences
  • Adjectives


Reha is a girl from Labasa in Fiji.She was born on 24’th of April in 2003.She moved to nz at 8 months. Reha has no brothers and sisters. Her favorite animal is a dog. The type of dog she likes is a golden retriever. Reha is 9 and a half. She is 10 in a month. She lives in Stonefields.

Reha likes biking a lot. Also she likes doing art. Reha hates some types of sport, but there are some Sports she likes, such as cricket with her dad because he is good at cricket. Her dad helps her in cricket when she doesn't know what to do and helps her throw the ball. Reha like biking because she says it is very fun and  it is like fitness. She has a bike. She doesn't like to go to the BMX park on her bike.

Reha has dark brown eyes and black medium size hair. She wears her hair tied up in a ponytail because she says she likes to wear her hair like that. if she was in a competition she would come 1st. Reha has dark brown skin. She wears fake pearl earing. She has short eyelashes. She has 3 beauty spots. On her face and one on her leg and lastly one on her arm . She also has a fringe that she likes  to wear it on the right side of her face.

Reha has a dad a mum and she is the only child. Her mum’s name is Renu and her dad’s name is  Shailendra. Her family came from Fiji. Reha has 3 girl cousins and 2 boy cousins. She has 3 uncles and 3 auntys.  Her mum works at labtests. And her dad works and  Glendowie college .Her family is fun and funny she said aspherly she dad. Her family buy’s her a lot of stuff.

Reha is a very nice girl  and a great friend. She is a very lovely person who is worth getting to know.

written by Daniella

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