Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Well done LH3 - you've been nominated for Best Class Blog!!

Hi everyone, I have very exciting news to share with you!!  We've been nominated by Stephanie (who writes a fabulous blog herself and came to meet us in the hub not too long ago) for the Best Class Blog in the EduBlog Awards!!

This is very exciting for us and down to all of your hard work (not that it's been work!) and focus - many of you have shown great determination in making our blog something we're all very proud of and should be congratulated!!

Well done Learning Hub 3, I'm very proud of you  :D

Who do you think we might nominate?  Have a look at the Edublog Awards Blog to see the different nomination areas - let's spread the love!


  1. Dear Learning Hub 3
    It was my pleasure to nominate you. What impressed me most about your blog is how I can see your personalities shine through in your postings. I think having a unique voice is the most important part of a good blog.

    Next year the class I will be teaching is going to be blogging. I'm sure we will visit your blog for some tips about blogging. Do you think you can help?

    I like Miss Holland's idea to nominate some blogs too.


  2. Thanks Stephanie for nominating us for the best class blog
    Me and the hub thankyou heaps

  3. Hub 3 is in the house today we have been wanting this to happen for ages and we finally did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. omg!!!!! i cant believe that we are nominated for best class blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you Stephanie for nominating us for best class blog we are so excited and appreciate it heaps. We are so excited and hope that we win!!
    Thank you so much.

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  7. It's such a awesome feeling being nominated by an great blog writer! Thank you SOOOOO much Stephanie!

  8. Congratulations Hub 3, We did a great job pulling the blog together. And thank you to you Stephanie for nominating our blog!

  9. This is so cool, thank you Stephanie for nominating our blog for the best class blog. this is so exciting for me and the hub. thank you so much.

  10. Dear Miss H's class,

    Congratulations! That is quite an accomplishment! You should feel proud.

    Your fantastic teacher popped over to our blog to help us with a goal that we have set. Our goal was to receive comments from 10 different countries this week. Miss H was our 6th country to comment. So, special thanks to Miss H for supporting us. What do think about our goal?

    We have added your class to our blog buddies list. I know that the Techie Kids will be excited to come and read more about you. Is there anything important that you think we should know about your country?

    Your new friend in the northern hemisphere,
    Mrs. Moore
    Michigan, USA

  11. Wow this is so exciting for all of us We have to keep up all the great work and reply to other blogs and make more entries!!!!

  12. wow its amazing just to get nominated

  13. That is really cool Miss Holland. Maybe we can be nominated again next year as well.

  14. Hi Learning Hub 3!!! :)

    Wow! Haven't you guys been busy! Awesome Blog and great to see that you've been busy with your learning and doing cool stuff like the Cross Country.

    I've spoken to Ms. Martin a few times since Term 1 and know that you're all doing great and that you are a school of 100 now!! :)

    Have a great Christmas and New Year, and Fatima - all the best at college!

    Best wishes
    Mr. Pinnock


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