Friday, 11 November 2011

Skyping and Shuffling!

Hi everyone,

I would have loved for our learners to post about this but they've all gone home for the weekend and this is just too neat to wait!  This afternoon some of us Skyped room 12 from Riverina School which is  nearby us in Pakuranga, Auckland.  They asked us some great questions and gave some excellent feedback on our dancing videos (they said they especially like how we dance in different places, which got us thinking that maybe we could dance at the wetlands!) and we enjoyed introducing them to Sid and getting to know them...

They're getting ready for a dance festival later in the year and shared this video of them dancing with us - aren't they amazing dancers!!  I love that each of them have their own unique style.  What do you think?


  1. Hello Riverina School,
    I really enjoyed your shuffling, maybe you can teach me. It's nice that the whole class is contributing. Keep it up!

  2. They like to the running man the running man the running man.
    Awesome Riverina school

  3. They look so cute when they are shuffling and good luck in the festival. Great job

  4. You are all sharing the spotlight really well! Great collaborating Guys!


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