Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The amazing mealworm clan: How to breed them!

Hi everyone, it's Tearno, Tobias and Samo here! Today we've been surfing the web to find a mealworm breeding video and we have found amazing facts about how to breed them!  We thought we could breed them to feed our lizard, Sid, because right now Miss Holland buys all of them.

(PS they don't really have eyes like this!)

These are some of the things that we've learnt:
  • You need moisture when you breed them (which comes from bread, carrot and potato) and something for them to hide under (like toilet rolls.)
  • They use oats to cover the bottom of the containers.
  • It doesn't take that long for a mealworm to hatch.
  • Mealworms start as larvae, and then they become a cocoon that hatches into a mealworm and that hatches into a beetle. That's if Sid doesn't eat the mealworms first!
  • It's good to have three containers or drawers. You keep the different types in different draws or containers because otherwise the older ones eat the younger ones!!!!
We're feeling very confident about breeding mealworms and we think it will be lots of fun because we get to grow lots of them which is better than buying them! We love holding bugs and learning about them so this is very fun for us.

By the time we got back onto TradeMe the breeding beetles had been sold to someone else but we're going to keep looking so we can get some ourselves.  This is what the auction looked like.  If you notice more could you please let us know by leaving a comment below.

What would you like to know about mealworms or about breeding them? We'd love to help you and we will find out the answers to your questions (unless they are stated here!)

Here is a video that we watched that was awesome. We learnt a lot from it!

We also read this website here.


  1. Your focus this afternoon was just amazing, boys! I was wondering, if we can't find any more beetles on TradeMe - is it possible to grow our own beetles from the mealworms that we have from the petstore?

  2. PS - I found this site to be really interesting too -

  3. Oh and this article is fabulous too!!

  4. Great work for finding how to breed meal worms guys, Yesterday I saw the determination in your eyes. Keep up with the great work.

  5. Oh my gosh we are breading mealworms
    No more buying mealworms from the pet store

  6. That awesome that you don't have to buy them from the shop but you can breed them

  7. Thats great work guys because you don't have too buy it from the store but you can breed them

  8. those mealworms are so cute I wish they really had eyes like that! :)

  9. I can't wait to start breeding them so we can stop paying the meal worms

  10. Wow it is soo cool that you guys are breeding Meal Worms. Everyday I see you working on it I can see the determination in your eyes. No more buying meal worms from the pet store keep up the amazing work guys!!!

  11. Wow you have built lots of knowledge about meal worms and that video was really cool. Keep up the great work.


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