Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Builders Collaborating

We saw builders working as a team, as they were passing the tiles to the guy on the roof, so he could place them on the roof. So then Damien and I went down with Miss Holland, to ask if you could do the job on their own, and I quote ''No, it could not be done on our own." Why?  Because it would take a lot of time for one person to have to get the tiles to the roof. There would be a higher risk of the builder falling off the ladder. When there are lots of builders working as a team, it will be easier and faster to get the roof tiled.


  1. Wow Finn and Alex Damien P and Nathan,

    What a great movie about how the builders collaborate when they are working. I really liked how you added expression to what you're saying. It was so amazing that I can't think of anything you guys can improve on. Also I collaborate in life if someone is having trouble putting the chairs up.

    From Michelle at Stonefields school

  2. Whoa you guys that is amazing and collaborating is a very special thing. Without collaborating no one in the world would be able to get along. I think you could put more information about collaborating in that. but the rest was perfect great job.


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