Thursday, 17 November 2011

QR Codes and maths!

For maths, the people who learnt about compasses had a continuous lesson today and we used our prior knowledge to help us through a treasure quest to find a prize. This proved if we really knew everything about North, South, East and West etc...

We got split up into two groups; one with Jamie, Fatima, Paton, Damien and Alex and the other with Leo, Dasha, Nathan, Damien and Hana. We had turns finding the treasure. To finish the quest we had use a compass (Miss Holland had one on her phone) and a scanner. Now you must be wondering what the scanner does to help us finish, well we had codes all over the school and we had to take a photo of it with the iPad and the clue automatically appears on the iPad. The clue would contain something along the lines of head 3.5 meters NNW and some of them were fake ones to make things extra tricky!

We enjoyed doing this and it's good that we applied our understanding with what we learnt! We had to work as a team and this was sometimes challenging but we think we did a really good job and got there in the end. This was a great maths lesson!

From Miss H:  Hi everyone, QR codes are 2D barcodes that are able to hold a range of information (secret squirrel style!) from URLs, to text messages.  You're able to download apps free of charge to allow you to scan and 'read' the secret messages... here's one!  If you open it up on your iPhone, iPod, iPad etc.  you'll find it will take you straight through to our hub blog on your portable device.


... and the winning team was TEAM B!  They came in at 16mins and 30sec and Team A took 18mins - almost too close to call!  Well done everyone  :)

PS: Check out 3/4G's blog to see what they've done with QR Codes - here's what they have to say about them...

"The QR stands for Quick Response.  The special codes contain information, just like barcodes at the supermarket do – they contain information about the price.  You can add all sorts of information to QR codes, like links to websites, videos, maps, contact details, text and much more. 
All you need to figure out what information is locked in the code, is a smartphone, like an iPhone or Android, or iPod touch with a camera, or even a desktop or laptop with a web cam.  You will also need a special scanning app – there are lots of free ones on the iTunes store, or computer software call Mark Book.  
It’s quite simple really!  All you need to do, is scan the code or take a photo of it with your special scanning app, and it will read the code for you!  Tah-dah!  It will take you to where the info is stored!"


  1. that's really cool time to learn the compass

  2. That was a lot of fun Miss Holland could we do it again.

  3. Hay guys, just wondering how many QR codes you scanned and in that bag you were holding were they milky ways.

  4. I really like that challenge, it was a lot of fun.

  5. That looked like so much fun.
    How many qr codes were there?


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