Thursday, 24 November 2011

Twitter is magic!! Thanks to our supporters...

Hi everyone,

Just a quick little post from me.  Many of you may have heard of Twitter - a year ago I thought tweeting was a strange thing to do.  I must admit, I thought it was all about updating my friends about the mundane day to day things I'd been up to, not exactly compelling reading.  Then I had a go playing on Twitter, as a way to connect with other teachers... and now I'm hooked!

I've been amazed by how much learning has been sparked for me through Twitter - I love the feeling I get when I pick up an interesting piece of information, when I discover an exciting online tool, connect with a new person or am challenged in my thinking.  Learning Hub 3, you guys aren't the only ones that love learning, I assure you!

This evening Ken (who works as a manger at the Hamilton Zoo) got in touch with me to congratulate you all on reaching 20,000 blog hits and I very cheekily asked him for a favour.  

As you're all aware, Ruby and Paton are hard at work creating a fabulous wiki on endangered animals and Ken is happy for them to email questions through to him.  He's even going to put them in touch with the people who look after the native, exotic and endangered animals!!  

The internet allows people to make connections that otherwise wouldn't have happened.  I think we're so lucky to be learning in a time when information and experts are so accessible and even luckier that there are a growing number of people out there that are happy to make a difference by jumping in and helping us out.

I've been thinking recently and have been feeling so proud and excited to be part of such a giving community - we would not have made it to 20,000 hits within our first year had it not been for so many people taking an interest in what we're doing... many of these are people that we haven't even met in real life.

So thank you to all of our supporters for the encouragement and, well, support!  We think you rock!!


  1. Miss Holland that is really cool and we would love to email him. Thank you so much for this big opportunity.

  2. I think it's great what Paton and Ruby are doing. Its great you guys are communicating a lot. You guys are doing a great job!

  3. wow great twitter using always go for magic

  4. Now I know what twitter is!
    Thats awesome how ken can answer there questions.

  5. Now i know what Twitter is!
    That's cool how he is going to answer questions.


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