Sunday, 20 November 2011

Making Meaning of eLearning tools and our Learning Process...

I've been thinking a lot about web 2.0 tools and general ICTs (Information Communication Technologies) and have been wondering how I could link them visually for you all - it's one thing having them written down but I wanted more.

So today I've been Building my Knowledge around Photoshop and Dreamweaver (after my Twitter friend, Stephanie suggested I give it a go) and have had a go at making a visual eLearning Process based on our Stonefields Learning Process.  My next step will be to link each individual logo... would you rather see them linked directly to their website or to the info I've written on them?

So far I've only loaded up the logos for the tools that I've done write-ups on but remember, if there's a tool that you love, please comment here (or in the web 2.0 tool page) and I'll load yours up too!

Would anyone like to join me for an ELO on Dreamweaver?  It's a web design programme made by Adobe and will be what I use to link each different part of this one image to different websites.  I have limited knowledge myself but I can share what I've learnt today and we can help each other!

Do you think this is something that you would make use of?  Or would you be just as happy only having the list?  (PS - right now the links aren't working but they will soon)


  1. Thanks Miss Holland for this. This will come in handy sometime. Is photoshop and dreamweaver on it?
    Thank you Miss Holland for making this and putting your time and effort into it!

  2. wow thats so cool always use the learning process

  3. That will be a good idea Miss Holland it will be so much easier for us to find websites that go with what stage of the learning process that we are in.

  4. Wow Miss Holland that's is awesome that you put the websites on the learning process and easier for us to see website that we don't know and we can then use them.

  5. Hi Miss Holland, I would love to go to your ELO about Dreamweaver!
    I also think that the icons on the learning process should link to the actual web site so that if someone wants to download that Web 2.0 thing they can!

  6. Hi miss holland, It would be so much easier to go to the websites and to see were we are in the learning process.

  7. Miss Holland, i think that is a very good was of showing the websites we use in LH3.

  8. this is going to be really helpful to all of hub 3


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