Friday, 4 November 2011

Skyping Wisconsin (St. John Vianney)

Yesterday morning we rushed into school early to meet with some of our blog buddies, a school in Wisconsin called St. John Vianney.

Here's Dasha to tell you more about it!

We all came to school very early and it was quite amazing and exciting to see how many people were there.  They asked us a lot of questions (some of the ones we were going to ask) and next time we're looking forward to asking our questions because we ran out of time.  There were a lot of students in that class and I was amazed that in grade 6/year 7 they switch teachers for each class.  We don't do that in New Zealand until year 9!  It was neat to talk with people with American accents because I have a Canadian accent.

We had a really great time but sometimes it was a little hard to hear people because we all talked at the same time.  We loved Skyping with St. John Vianney and it was interesting to hear how differently they do things at school (some things are the same though with our lives, like the music and the movies we like.)

By Dasha

Thanks St. John Vianney for all of your comments on our blog - we think you ROCK!  (Miss H)


  1. What fun to see our Skype video on your blog! It's interesting to see it from your perspective. I heard some questions you asked that we didn't hear at the time, so we'll have to try and answer those for you. I enjoyed seeing our students' reactions to the population of Auckland compared to our city of only 60,000 people and to the population of our state of Wisconsin (about 5 1/2 million) compared to the size of your whole country! I'll be interested to see what the 6th graders liked best about our Skype. They'll be adding some comments for you too.

  2. We loved skyping with you to.

  3. This was the funnest thing i ever did i cant wait to see if we can do it again


  4. I think it is really how how you could do this and it's a great learning experiance to see how other countries all the way across the world do the same things as you!

  5. This was very interesting to see how you can interact with schools in other counrties and get their view on learning/teaching. It was also interesting to learn that you can record skype/video calls.

  6. Oh my gosh! Iv'e always wanted to use Skype! Especially to people over in America.
    And was the reception really that slow when you where talking to them live? Or is it just YouTube?
    Also when watching the video I found it very entertaining because the students in the background were all restless, waiting for a turn!
    If my class ever does that, I wouldn't be very patient when waiting for a turn! :P
    + My classes blogs url is:
    If you want to comment on a post, the cooking one was my groups post!

  7. We loved skyping you, and It was so much fun! I can't wait to do it again!

  8. It was so fun to skype with you and see your whole class and for both schools to know more about your class and for you to learn about us. We all loved to see you and we hope to do it agin.

  9. I had alot of fun skyping with you. I hope we will get to do it again! There were a few questions that you asked and we didn't hear.ONe of them was how many computers we have, and I will get back to you with the answer to that question. Bye!

    -Grace from St. John Vianney

  10. This is great guys! What a fantastic way to connect and make friends from different parts of the world! Wow very exciting!!

    -Miss Yang


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