Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Maths - WALHT Describe how a pattern was created

We've been learning about geometry in maths this term and today we focused on learning how different patterns are created.  We built our knowledge on rotating, translating and reflecting and applied our understanding today by looking at designs that we were given.  We had to decide how the patterns were formed based on what we'd learnt.

We then discovered that Leo had never made a paint butterfly (mirrored - gasp!) so we quickly made one to demonstrate how symmetry and mirror images work to help him understand.

Most of us found the second and third designs the most challenging to work out - they were based on translation and reflection, but we got there in the end with collaboration!

Once we practiced a few examples, we created our own patterns by folding square paper (either straight or on the diagonal) into quarters.  We then cut out sections (being careful not to cut off a whole edge) and unfolded the paper.  We discovered that by doing this that the pattern is mirrored/reflected along each fold (so every square had a mirrored pattern on either side of it) and the opposite square is the same image rotated 180.

Here are our patterns that we created and a photograph to help you understand...

(Click to enlarge)

By Jamie, Paton and Hana


  1. Hi guys,

    Awesome geometry activities!
    It sure is fun learning Maths at LH3.
    Hasta el miércoles!

    Sra Whitmore

  2. Wow! That is so cool. How did you guys make that once I tried to make one but it was a fail. So good job LH3. :)

    From: Sarah.

  3. Wow! It looks amazing against the window! I need to learn how to make this!

  4. I really enjoyed learning about how a pattern was created.It was a lot of fun making our own patterns.


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