Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Noumea sailing

Hi Its Craig here

If you haven't been following my posts on my sailing I have been selected to go to Noumea for the development squad. I am going in Nine Days!!
I am so excited because I hear that it is so warm and the water feels like a spa when you hop in. We have a day of tourism over there and the boys from the Noumea Development Squad said windsurfing is a must do over there.
I can't wait.
I need to learn French (Pity we are learning Spanish) and the Haka because we are representing New Zealand.
Does anyone know the Haka and can teach me!


  1. 9 days now and in really exited for you and good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for the comment. I will be back in December.
    I barely know any French

  3. I hope you win the sailing race craig do you best I mean 9 days till you'll be world famous

  4. You'll have such an amazing time over there!! I have my fingers crossed that you might be able to jump online and update us with a blog post and some photos (and another dot on our map!!) - learning the haka would be a fabulous way to represent New Zealand :)

  5. Countdown to Noumea
    and now only 8 days left i'm so excited

  6. It's Hana here
    wow, That is a great privilege!
    You are so lucky to go to such a place!
    Can you tell me where abouts Noumea is?
    Thanks and congratulations!

  7. 7
    and now six i am just so excited!!!!

  8. Noumea is about a three hour flight from Auckland. Search Noumea on google maps and you'll find it.

  9. 5
    and now 4 this is just so exciting.


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