Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Planning our Ecosystem by Courtney, Hana & Albert

Hi everyone!

We've been researching about ecosystems here in Learning Hub 3. We could choose from any ecosystem in the world we wanted and we chose to do a coral reef.

At the moment we've been planning what animals and things should be in our ecosystem and researching to find out what eats what. We've been thinking about what happens when a shark dies and have realised that the small types of fish actually eat the shark after it has died. Things in an ecosystem help each other and without a certain type of animal the ecosystem wouldn't work properly. We've had to think about these links between creatures and things as well (the sun, seaweed etc.) and have had to make sure everything the ecosystem needs is planned for.

Here's some pictures of our plan so far. We're going to make this into a collage next and we'll update you with some photos then.

What do you know about a coral reef ecosystem? What do you think shrimp eat? Where does seaweed get it's energy from?

By Hana, Albert and Courtney

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