Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Helping out Gramps (and maybe you!) with Commenting

For the people that do not know how to post a comment on our blog then here is a little video for you so that you make comments on our hub's work as well as mine. Just have a browse around our blog and see our cool learning. This video was made for my grandad who is all the way in South Africa. He has been trying to make a comment and I made this video for him so that he can make a comment because he's been having trouble making a comment.

This video shows you how to make a comment in the easiest way, using 'anonymous.' Keep an eye out for another video that shows you how to make a comment using your name. Don't forget to tell us your name in the comment box, so we know who you are!

I hope that this video helps you all.

From Paton
(Hi Gramps)

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If you need some practice, have a play with commenting below this post! You can use anonymous like I've just taught you or you can have a go at using your name/URL if you're brave!


  1. Your video's obviously worked, Paton!! Well done :) very exciting to have your Gramps following our learning all the way from South Africa. How do you feel about that?

  2. Hi Paton. Thank you for making the video. It was useful and I'm now able to comment. I look forward to following you and your fellow students' learnings. You have a wonderful learning environment available and you must make the most of this opportunity.

  3. HI paton, really good job on the jing! and the writing!


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