Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Hi everyone.

It's Dani, Maddy and Craig here.

We're going to talk to you about BrainPOP today! It's a educational video site that we've been using here in Learning Hub 3 and each day they have a new free video for us to watch! We put the video on our blog (using the embed code) and it's on the right hand side, towards the bottom.

We watch this video most days in the hub during Feed and Read time, and we enjoy them very much. They're very cool!

This morning we were so excited to watch it, that we didn't wait for the rest of the hub. We watched the video on Alzheimers Disease which is a brain disease that affects your memory.

We found out that it can affect your social life and the way you speak too. People who have Alzheimers can very frustrated with it because sometimes they remember things and other times they don't. You might be able to prevent it by keeping your brain busy (doing crosswords, reading and puzzles), staying social with your friends and maybe eating certain spices. There is no known treatment for it and it can run in families so do your best to prevent it by using your brain well!

There are two main causes of Alzheimers, plaque (which is a hard build up of nutrients between your brain cells) and tangles (confuse the pathways) - both of these problems prevent the messages getting through the brain which is way these people forget things. We found out that it's mostly older people (85+) that will get it and mostly men.

We recorded a Jing for you, to show you where to find the video on the blog if you get confused. Here it is:

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