Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Movie Night at Stonefields!

Hi everyone!

It's Dani and Craig here!

On Friday the 24th of June Stonefields School had a movie night. In every single hub, there was excitement going on. Then when school finished everyone rushed home to get ready.

A lot of learners in learning hub 3 helped out on the night. There was Dani, Maddy, Nate, Finn, Craig, Ben, Jamie, Paton, Hossain and Maddy's sister, Abigail. The jobs that we did were, ice cream parlor servers, ushers (door men) and snack shop servers.

The movie that we watched was Toy Story 3. The whole school loved the movie.

The night turned out really well. We got to dress up in our PJ's! 85% of the school dressed up in there PJ's... oh yeah, PJ's were your choice, you didn't have to come in them if you didn't want to. There was lots of food, like ice-cream, toffee apples and lots of other things!
We raised $1000 for the school! YAY!

We would like to thank the FOSS (Friend of Stonefields School) and Mrs Cosford for organising the movie night, we had a awesome time.  Also, a big thank you to Mr Martin, McDonalds Lunn Ave and Pak N Save Glen Innes, Mrs Berge and all the other fabulous people who donated yummy foods and drinks to our night.  McDonalds and Pak N Save were very generous with drinks and we really appreciate it.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hi Dani and Craig
    Yes it was very fun I also enjoyed the movie
    How did you find out how many people where there?

  2. Hello Dani and Craig,
    That was a GREAT movie night I really enjoyed it
    There was a a lot of food there and you showed most of it on the slideshow.
    How did you do work and at the same time as watching the movie?

  3. Hi Dani and Craig,

    It was really fun at movie night. I like the pictures and the song you chose. Did you count how much money you raised yourself,or did you collaborate with someone? You did really well at saying what happened at movie night.

    From Noeramiah at Stonefields School.


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