Friday, 10 June 2011

The difference at Stonefields School!

Hi, I'm Maddy.

Today I'm going to talk to you about the different furniture in hub 3. We have all different sized tables and we also have beanbags and a big ball that we can sit on. We also have all different sized chairs for the different tables.

Hub 3 is very different from my old school and it's lots of fun. You can chose to sit on a beanbags, at a table (they're all different heights), on the floor or on the couch. We don't have our own desks because we can chose to sit anywhere to help our learning.

We have lots of technology so we can have lots of people on the computers at the same time.

I think that having all the different pieces of furniture helps me in my learning. It's much better having space to move about and I'm not squashed like I have been sometimes in the past. I like being able to move about if the area that I'm in doesn't help me with my learning. It's also great to be comfortable which helps me focus more!

Here is a animoto of our learning. space showing how we use the different chairs, tables and things.

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This also shows you what our learning hub looks like.  We've moved some of the furniture around but it's pretty close.  We have two teachers that teach us and as you can see, it's a very big space!

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  1. Great information Maddy, now people who haven't been to school will understand what you mean when you talk about your learning hub. I like the animoto too!


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