Monday, 20 June 2011

Doggleganger - Which dog are you??

Hi there.

Ben and I recently discovered a website called Doggle ganger where it matches a photo of you to a photo of one of the dogs up for adoption. The nearest match is shown and you can click share to email it to someone. It is run by SPCA and shows all the dogs up for adoption.

Here is the address:

By Jamie

Video by Edwin - please keep watching, the first 10secs or so didn't record properly but the video's still good!  This time we experimented with QuickTime instead of Jing.


  1. Hi there we should have a picture on the way!

  2. Hi Jamie
    that was awesome can you help me install it because I really want to have a try and
    see my face as a dog.
    From Michelle

  3. wow that is amazing.I wish I have done it.
    How did you make the site?

  4. That is great how you turned a human face into a dog face. How did you make that site? How does it make your or my face a dog face?
    From Muatau

  5. Wow, thats really cool, its an awesome website!

  6. Nicola SIS room 2929 June 2011 at 12:26


    It's Nicola here from Somerville and I think that is so totally cool! I would so want to try that some time!!!


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