Thursday, 30 June 2011

A penguin out of it's ecosystem! Happy Feet

If you've been following the news, you'll know about Happy Feet, the Emperor Penguin that got lost and ventured all the way to New Zealand from Antarctica!

TV3 News has set up an infrared camera in Happy Feet's enclosure to keep an eye on what's going on... only the enclosure is dark all the time!  Why do you think they might be keeping it dark right through the day and night?

There are lots of neat articles and clips from the news about Happy Feet on the TV3 website too - why not have a read or look?  It's certainly not every day we get an Emperor Penguin in this country!

What are the problems he's facing being out of his normal ecosystem?


  1. In Antartica, It is constantly dark at winter.So The wellington zoo keepers kept him in the dark so it can stimulate the current conditions in Antartica.

  2. Since its always night time in winter and the sun never rises then in summer the sun never sets so it is constantly warm in Antartica.

  3. The penguin is normally kept in darkness to simulate current conditions in Antarctica. It also keeps stress for happy feet at a minimum.


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