Thursday, 16 June 2011

Oral Lanugage

Miss Smerdon had the fabulous idea of running an oral language programme each day in Learning Hub 3, and we love it!

Our learners take turns at filling each roll and every morning a few people present their on their area of expertise or findings (I'll let our students fill you in on the specifics of each role a little later on.)

For now, enjoy these videos showing off three of our talented presenters.

Damien shares his recent science experiment...

Our other Damien fills us in on roller hockey, his favourite sport...

and finally, Finn investigates a recent news story and shares it with us (you can find one of the original articles on the NZ Herald here)

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  1. Hi Finn, this is class 12 from Pt England School. You left a comment on our Manaiakalani Film festival movie. We are so pleased that we have now gotten to see your face and even hear your voice. We really liked your story too.
    Class 12


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