Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Moving Schools - A Students Guide

Hi my name is Courtney.

I have just recently moved schools I am now at Stonefields School and really love it! We have just shifted to Stonefields because it's much closer to where my brother and I are going to school. I am really enjoying Stonefields School but I know that when you move schools it can be really difficult to make friends and adjust sometimes. My advice for you, if you ever move schools would be:
  • Be brave as maybe your first couple of days might be a bit scary but it will get much better.
  • Still keep in touch with your old friends.
  • Make lots of new friends and invite them over to your house lots to get to know them more.
  • Do your best in your work and get involved in everything
  • Keep smiling!

Here is my PMI that I made using Creately.

(Click it to make it bigger)

I think Creately is a very good website. It is difficult to use but it is worth it because the images turn out looking really effective. I was surprised by how effective my PMI turned out considering it didn't take me much time to make!


  1. Courtney. This is a great recollection of you starting a new school. We are very proud of the way you have settled and this has all been made easy thanks to your teaschers, Miss Smerdon and Miss Holland. Thank you!! You have both totally supportive and accommodating and very understanding. We look forward to the rest of the year and reading lots more of The Blog.

  2. We love having Courtney here, she's funny and kind. We are so lucky to have a girl like her here and we hope she enjoys her year here - we hope she doesn't leave at the end of year 6!!

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments, Sondra and Ruby. We are very fortunate to have Courtney in LH3 - she has been a fantastic addition! This is fabulous advice for others thinking about making a move or students that have to shift schools part way through a year. I hope it helps others! I'm pleased, Court, that you feel so positively about your new school :)

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