Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What, a talking dog?!?

Hi everyone,

Have fun watching this video that Paton put us onto!  It's there to raise awareness of the SPCA in America, and we think it's very funny!

(and here's one that Ruby found that she just likes...)


  1. Pauline( Jamie's Mum)17 August 2011 at 19:22

    Big sneeze for a little panda!

  2. Hey, we just watched both those movies and they were classic! We are going to put them on our class blog. Thanks for the nice comment you left on our class blog about Street Talk. Episode 16 is now out!

    From Cloud 9, Russell Street School, Palmerston North.

  3. Hilarious! that dog clip is the funniest and the coolist thing i have ever seen! Poor Doggy he didn't get any meat! But the cat!?

  4. he he he sneezing Panda, reminded me of the first time I saw real pandas at the San Deigo Zoo, they even had a whole shop of panda themed things you could buy!


  5. Totally hilarious that dog is very crazy I've never heard of a talking dog before! and that panda was fright-full he did his sneeze!

  6. That was astounding.
    How did you do that. That must be the most funnest thing in my life.
    You should put it on AFV to win a lot of Money.
    That is hilarious. B-)

  7. Hi my name is Ruby and i like the panda and the dog to they funny and cute


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