Tuesday, 30 August 2011

S.P.C.A cupcake day, the actual day!!

Hi guys!

Remember the post for the S.P.C.A cupcake day? You do!! Oh that's good!! Yesterday WAS the S.P.C.A cupcake day! We started of selling the cupcakes at school during morning tea time.  We sold lots of cupcakes at morning tea time (we think maybe about 10-15 of them!!)

Then at 2:30 Maddy, Dani, Alex and Craig all went up to Animates on Lunn Ave. We set up and then started selling the left over cupcakes. It was slow at the start but we started to get more people to come to our store with the help of the mobile cupcake people! (Alex, Dani and Maddy.) They influenced some of the people in shops to come to our stall and buy our cupcakes. The mobile cupcake people also got people to buy our cupcakes on the go! The Animates staff also bought some cupcakes from us as well. Soon after they bought the cupcakes, one of the staff members came outside and gave us all a lollipop each! At 4:30 we eventually sold our last cupcake!! (to someone named "Edwin") Today we counted the money and guess how much we raised!??!

$157!!!!!!!!!!!  We are so proud!  We have definitely Made A Difference to the S.P.C.A!!

Bye for now!!
Dani, Maddy, Alex and Craig

PS: Thank you to everyone who came up and got cupcakes, you helped make a difference too! 

This is us selling them at school and up outside the pet shop.


We also got to count the money up and tell everyone how much we raised.  We learnt that it's easier to count money like that when you put the coins into piles of $10 and much easier to check like that too.


  1. I was great having a cup cake sale,sadly you forgot to tell HUB 2!!! But it was a very great for day all the people who got the cup-cakes,were you doing some fundraising?

  2. Wow Dani, Maddy, Alex and Craig,

    That was a lot of money that you guys have raised for cupcake day. What made a difference to the S.P.C.A? What kind of cupcakes did you guys sell when it was cupcake day? Did you guys make the cupcakes? Or did you buy it or did you ask some people to make it and help you make it.

    From Noeramiah at Stonefields School.

  3. When we sold the last cupcake I felt soooooooooooo happy! and I said Yahoo!!!!!!!!


  4. Well done, Craig, Alex, Maddy and Dani! It was such a pleasure being up there with you and watching the confidence and friendly manner you showed with your customers. I know you are all very passionate about helping the SPCA (and in turn, helping animals) and should indeed be proud. I felt humbled by the effort and thought you put into this - you really have made a difference :)

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the photos, you did very well, and now you have a goal to beat for next years cupcake day! Hub3 has some very clever cupcake cooks, the cupcakes were all gorgeous and what a variety to choose from :D

  6. Hi Kush, We were fundraising for the S.P.C.A!
    P.S: Sorry for not telling hub 2!!!

  7. Good work Hub 3. The cupcakes look amazing.

    Keep an eye on the East & Bays Courier for a picture of you guys in action! You can read all the papers online at http://demo.realviewdigital.com/skins/realview/fairfaxNZ/index.htm. I don't think the paper gets delivered in Stonefields yet!

    Keep up the good work.

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  10. Well done, I'm sure the SPCA and the animal value your efforts

  11. Hi I am Hannah I am in room 7 our we have had a lots of comments on our blog from you's that is great that you are making money for the SPCA I am sure the animals would love what you have done!

    p.s The cupcakes looked super yummy! :)

  12. i also did cupcake day and made a little less but still i did it.


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