Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Cooking to Make a Difference...

Courtney and Hana are busy learning all about cookbooks as some of you are aware, as they'd like to raise money through the sale of their very own.

Here Hana and Courtney talk to you about their new learning in a cooking forum - they've been lucky to receive recipes not only from Stonefields but also cooks from all over the world!

Cook book - making a difference - Hana and Courtney from Sarah Holland on Vimeo.

Would you like to keep an eye on their responses...?

(click here to see the actual website)


  1. hello. Will you test out the recipes? Will the cookbook have photos or pictures? Maybe if you tested some of the recipes you could photograph the dishes? If you would like to know more about food photography you ask Maddy's Dad Jason to give you some food photography tips! Did you get the recipes we sent to Miss Holland. I have a friend from Sri Lanka and when she gets back from her holiday I will ask her to give you a recipe. She is also working on making a cookbook!

  2. Hi guys. This looks like a really exciting project. I can't wait to see the final product! It's great that you have recipes from all around the world. Yum.

    I'd love to do a story about the project when you've almost finished putting the book together. You can get in touch with us on Facebook. Search East and Bays Courier and like our page.

    Have fun!

  3. Hello Elizabeth, Thank you for your input towards o0ur cook book. We will try to test out all the recipes but it might cost a lot to make all the recipes. When we try them out we will take a photo of the finished product. Thank you for your feedback and time.
    Hana and Courtney

  4. Hello Amy
    It is Hana and Courtney here
    We are honored that you are interested in our cookbook. We would be happy to get a story put into your newspaper. Thank you so much for your opportunity.
    Regards Hana and Courtney


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