Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Inter-school Cross Country - Yahoo!!

Hi it's Hossain, Craig, Ruby and Samo here.

Today we went to the inter-school Cross Country competition and we had so much fun! It was fun to represent the school for the first sports competition our school has ever been to!!

There were hundreds of kids from schools all around us and we were very proud of ourselves to be able to compete against such good runners. We all placed between 15th and 31st which is amazing. We had to be determined to finish the race, no matter what and all our blood was rushing to our faces at the end of the races! We had to put water on our faces right after to cool ourselves down.

We would like to thank Miss Rennie and Ms Kinley for taking us and supporting us. Miss Rennie put a lot of effort into training us and getting us ready for the cross country.

Tomorrow we will try to make a photo collage and we'll put it on here.

Go Stonefields!!


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  2. Wow I did hear that you were going to have a cross-country but I didn't know what school won.Well done!!. Why were only year fours and up allowed?

  3. The cross country was fun when it was my turn to run the course and at the end I had to help someone because fell down and hit his head on the ground.


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