Friday, 5 August 2011

Checking in with the Brilliant Readers

The Brilliant Readers in LH3 have been working their way through an exciting novel - Flight to Ledron.  They've suggested this book may interest readers aged 10 upwards, with strong reading ability.  Have a look at their conversation to see what they've been learning and thinking about!

Here's their Google Doc, which is still a work in process.

Click here if you would like to read it in full.

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  1. Hi Sarah, and Hana, Fatima. Maddy, Alex, Jamie and Ben.
    Hey guys I watched your presentation of Flight From Ledron on Saturday afternoon at the university and I was very impressed at how you had come to terms with aesthetic and efferent and at this rate you’ll all be ready for university at 14 years old. I enjoyed seeing how you’d defined these terms and fleshed them out. Your storyboard looked good too.
    You are so lucky to have brilliant teacher like Ms Holland who loves to read and to extend your literary thinking.
    Well done you’ll all be ready for the Kids’ Lit Quiz next year.

    All the best, Wayne Mills MNZM, (Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland, International Quizmaster,


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