Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Change the World in 5 minutes - MAD?

What do you think guys? How can we Make A Difference??  How inspirational!

The video talks about collecting old mobile phones - Ruby found this information about donating phones to Starship to help give them more money to do the wonderful work they do on our sick kids! What do you think? Click here.


  1. Wow that look so cool we would love to do something like that at our school how long did it take to do all of that filming

  2. Wow that was a great video. I didn't know that you could change that much in just 5 minutes. that would take me ages. I think I would like to do that some time.

  3. thanks for that great movie we might change the world

  4. How Awesome! those children made a big difference to our world. If we really wanted to, we could do the same things as them but MORE!


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