Thursday, 25 August 2011

Flight from Ledron... Prediction and Bias

We've been doing a really fun activity about predicting and bias.  This is our learning...  We have been 'wondering' and imagining what it might be like in the story, by predicting what is to come.  We have been learning about bias which is when someone has a point of view that goes more one way and when we made our poster and video we had to think about how bias might affect our presentations.

Yesterday we found this crumpled poster and memory stick with a video on it in the desert.  

So... we uncrumpled it and rushed to the leaders.  They took them both off of us straight away but we felt suspicious so we peeked through the door and saw them watching the video...

We recognised Amon right away from the wanted posters all around Ledron, but his message seems strange.  We don't really know what he means but now we're a little worried.

We wonder if we shouldn't have given this to the leaders now.  We hope they don't read this!!

Is this definitely Amon from the posters?  If so, what should we be doing?

(click to enlarge)


  1. Hello LH3,
    Well I think we should trust leaders because they are sensible and they can work things out it's what they do. But the thing I liked was that you knew what you were going to say not just saying um. But maybe you can improve on is to try not to get your hand in the movie because I thought you were about to drop the camera.

  2. Hey! That is awesome tell me when you put up the next one!


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