Thursday, 1 August 2013

Writing Sample #2

One day in the jungle, a tiger sneak’s around and finds a group of wildebeest. With fierce red eyes, and a body full of pain, the tiger jumps out of his hiding place and attacks the wildebeest. He thought he had it all right, until he noticed that he was surrounded. His feelings went straight down to his gut. He knew that he had failed.
After a couple of hours, the tiger still in the jungle, thought about attacking the wildebeest for the last time that day. This time he thought much differently, like how am I going to find the wildebeest again?, what way should I sneak up on the pack this time?.

When he knew the time was right, he went out and tried again. Now with a steaming hot face, up to the brim with anger and strength he crawled silently to his prey, he felt like he could do it, he kept on going, and didn’t let anything get in his way.

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