Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The Adventure

The Adventure

One day in my house,
I heard the noise of a mouse
she tried to kill me
but ended up grilling he.

I went to take out my special sword,
and looked at the mouse and roared.
Then I took out my sword, and chopped,
the head off the mouse, it popped
out and gave a shout.
After a while I discovered a pile,
of money running for over a mile,
I picked it up, and took it home,
I groaned and moaned,
because i found out, it was fake.

I stared out at the moon,
I saw something like a goon,
he looked very old,
and also very very, cold,
it ran toward me and I?.

Drew out my sword, and slashed
his neck out, and mashed,
It and cooked it in oil,
and gave it a boil,
then he ate the darn thing.

As I march, I draw out my sword,
and I glanced at the big lord,
He greeted me, with a smile,
and gave me a pile,
of gold, and diamonds.

Then finally, I went home,
I stayed in my house in rome,
with no mouse’s, ever there again,
and nothing to do except, using my brain.

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