Monday, 12 August 2013

Independent Writing Albert

The war is raging on in the Caspian Border, I enter the battlefield as an Recon team member. I saw my first victim. With a face full with anger, I shot him, it was an instant kill. The gun that I was using was a SKS. I felt sad, but good, I kept going on with my team.

Suddenly out of the blue, 10 SU-35BM FLANKER-E’’s jets pop out of the sky. They immediately start shooting their mounted machine guns all at us. My face just dropped, As I discovered that we were getting AMBUSHED!!

I scrambled into a anti air gun, I start shooting like a wild dog, 100 bullets a second, spraying and praying. My first kill was spiraling down to earth, BOOM! I felt great that I had killed one of the attackers. I got out, and relied completely on my team to finish them off.

Later on that day I thought that I could advance a bit so I could search for more enemies, just ahead of the frontline. I scan across the battlefield. I start to hold my breathe, then TISHEW, I fire the round, I look straight back down the sights again, and I saw that it was a head shot, straight off.

While I was sniping in the background, my team was gaining ground by the second. I and a team of 5 other snipers, were scanning the area for any other leftover enemies. Meanwhile my team kept gaining ground until the enemy had to fall back to their motherland.

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