Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The terror of the deep. (a narrative poem)

The sea hides it’s true terror,
The one true error,
For in the deep,
Is one secret the sea may keep.

The water around looks like night,
And if you’re a fish, be ready for flight,
For the squid will come,
He’s the terror, the only one.

He is the Krakken Of The Deep,
And all day long he sleeps and sleeps,
When night falls, he will arise
The fish tremble at their impending demise.

First passes by some lanternfish
He gobbles them up. “what a nice dish,”
A Sweeper shark passes by,
With the look of death in his beady eye,

But he doesn’t eat it,
For like it he doesn’t, a bit,
And around the Sweeper shark,
Are some Hagfish, black and dark.

An  bony Oarfish passes by,
Spots the squid and starts to cry
The squid wraps his tentacles around him,
and as he squeezes its eyes become dim.

He spots the Dragonfish, whose tail he’d chewed,
His last and favourite of all the food,
But the Dragonfish saw him coming,
And  this time it was a lot more cunning.

For nearby there was a net,
And the Squid, he hadn’t seen it yet,
Swam he did right into it,
And a hook scratched his skin and bit.

The other fish, they left him there,
And as he was pulled into the air,
Shrieking and screaming in blind rage,
Leaving him flailing inside his net cage.

And as the deep was relieved of it’s terror,
The one true error,
And as for the deep,
One secret the sea may keep,
Is now found,
The new terrors are the trawler nets on the ground.

© Nyan productions

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With bioluminesence

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swims through darkness,
hunting for some prey

For those of you who don't know, bioluminesence is the production of light by natural organisims.

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