Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Stephen Wiltshire: The Human Camera

Well it's just about that time of year again - we've been in at school (the teachers and our fabulous Office Wizard) getting organised for 2012 and can't wait for you all to join us!

We've been talking quite a bit about strengths and talents... of course everyone has certain things that they're particularly interested in and special talents and skills.

I came across a photograph of some artwork by Stephen Wiltshire tonight and was instantly taken aback.  I won't say much more but I suggest you watch these videos.

Have a think for a moment about what an amazing talent Mr Wiltshire has - I know I certainly couldn't do what he does!  

Skills and talents come in all shapes and sizes... be brave enough to keep pushing to discover and better yours.

Enjoy the last of your holidays everyone.  See you on Tuesday!


  1. hello, i have talent at football, racing and karate.
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  2. Mrs Godfrey Miriam lord Bradford9 February 2012 at 03:58

    I agree with you he has great talent.
    I wish I could draw like that amazing artist!
    My talent is baking and decorating tasty cakes and cupcakes. I like experimenting with new flavour combinations.


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