Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Spreading the blogging love...

This time last year, many of us in LH3 were brand new to blogging (myself included!)  It's amazing to think back on how much we've learnt and benefited from sharing our learning with the world in less than a year.

With that in mind, I'm especially proud to share this message with you all...

What do you think LH3?  Are we up to the challenge of helping a new class get their blog established?

You've all learnt so much and will have great ideas and hints to share.  Some of you might even like to put together a presentation (edu.glogster, wordle/tagxedo, prezi, google presentation, video message... the possibilities are limitless!) that could be shared with Room 15 (a year 7/8 class down in Wellington) ahead of talking with them.  

I'm sure they'll have lots of questions for you too, so we'll need to think back to the questions we had when we first started blogging and try to foresee what they might ask us.  What information is most important to share with them in your opinion?

How exciting!


  1. WOW that's amazing we are having a Skype session aswel with a school in Nottingham.We are disusing Rain- forests.What will you be talking about?I am really looking forward to reading your replies.

    Bradford Moor Primary School

  2. Hi everybody!
    We at Bradford Moor have been blogging for a few months now. Tomorrow we are going to have a skype session of our own and we are really excited! It will be our first time using Skype. Have you done it before?
    We are really looking forward to commenting on your blog this week and finding out about your school.

    Year 4 Literacy
    Bradford Moor Primary School

  3. dus your famly have money

  4. Tommorow our literacy class were going to do a Skype conversation and have made a lots of questions to ask them

  5. Mujahid y 5WS mariamlord bradford9 February 2012 at 04:00

    Hellow my name is Mujahid im from Mariamlord and good time at skype.


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