Monday, 13 February 2012

Hub 3's package from St johns Vianny

Hi everybody!
Last term we were quad blogging with St John Vianny, as some of you know, we skyped and asked them decided to exchange packages with them. We were so excited to get inside that package! Just to let you guys know we are working very hard to get this package together. We want to get this package over to you as soon as possible!

Thanks Guys so much!

P.S those lollies look yummy!
we hope you enjoy ours!

Dasha, Dani and Ollie


  1. We are so glad that you have received our package!

  2. We are getting the boxes today and hopefully we will send the package tomorrow!

  3. We are so glad that you have received THE package!

  4. we are so glad that you got the package


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