Friday, 10 February 2012

New shade for the playground!!

Hi i'm Michelle and i'm one of the year 5s in Hub 3.

I'm here to talk to you about the new shade on top of the playground. The FOSS have been working really hard to get this shade for the playground.  They had to get lots and lots of donations. Everyone in the school is really excited to have this shade because it will stop us getting sunburnt!  Here are some photos I took of the shade and the playground.


  1. Very nice Blog, Michelle Victoria.... (-:

  2. Hello i'm Oliwia from Miriam Lord Community Primary School . Wonderful playground hope you all have fun on it .

  3. Hi Michelle
    What wonderful photos you have taken of the playground. It looks awesome and it is great that the children can now play on it without the hot sun burning down on them!

  4. Wow that looks like fun I wish I went there .
    It is pretty good that you have got a new shade so that you can have fun plus you want have sunburn on your skin .
    bradford moor primary school

  5. Hi Michelle
    You have done great work on telling everyone about who was the one that got the shade.I really liked it when you told us who were the ones that work so hard and they did really hard work and then they got the shade up.

    From Anthia Stonefields school.

  6. Hello Michelle Victoria,
    Your new play equipment and the canopy shades look fabulous. I would love something like that at St. Luke's. You should all enjoy playing and climbing safely now! The FOSS have done a great job, you must be very proud of them.

  7. Well, THAT is a smart idea!

  8. If I lived in new Zealand I would go to that park evry day because that is so cool you new Zealand people are so so good at making your park well done :)

  9. What a beautiful playground
    Good Luck


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