Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Our first science day

Ice ball after dye and salt.jpgHi everyone it's Michelle here. I am going to talk to you about our first science day this year and it is about water. We were divided into different groups .Their was a group with Miss Holland, Miss Smerdon & Mrs Chapman. I was in Mrs Chapmans group we were asked if we could choose one table to go to for our first experiment to begin! At my table there was Sarah Savannah Noera-miah and I. We had to get a ice balloon (water balloon frozen for 2 weeks) we had to peal the balloon outside off it to make it just ice! Next we put dye on the ice (We need to have a fair experiment. That means that there needs to be one thing the same like does a plant grow in the dark then in the sun the sun has water  so they both have to make water) On one of the ice balloons put 1 teaspoon of salt onto it equally. And watch it for 5 minutes what happens?  My group found something weird the color changed on the salted ice. So we put it in two glass bottles and listen to this the dye with the salted ice had more water! do you think you know why? Comment below we would love to hear what you think.Thanks for reading! Michelle.

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