Wednesday, 17 October 2012

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Diya, Tobias and I have started up a blog about the environment and how we can help it. We are a group of five kids Diya, Tobias, Lawson, Tasleem and I (Finn). We are year 5 and 6 and we would really like to save the earth so if you want to support please come to our blog. Here is the link

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  1. Dear Scholars of Stonefields School,
    Congratulations on starting your environment project, I have one of my own here at Tanners Point, Bay of Plenty. We have a lot of rat bait stations and ferret traps, we also dig out pest plants and replace them with NZ bird feeder plants.
    Have you tried growing bird feeder trees and shrubs, I could send you some seeds if you would like to try.
    By killing the rats, possums and ferrets the birds can have a chance to breed reasonably safely. Did you know that rats climb trees and eat baby birds or eggs and sometimes even the mother bird?
    Did you know you can make a simple bird feeder with a bent piece of make a hook shape at each end and hang one hook over a tree branch and spear a piece of fruit on the other end, in winter silver eyes love eating the fruit.
    Best wishes for the success of you project.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Maddy's Nana.


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