Thursday, 1 March 2012

Baking Scones

Hi it's Damien and Luca here and we made some yummy scones!!! We made savory scones with ham and cheese, we also made some sweets cinnamon scones topped off with icing. We did a really good job at kneading the mix. It was very yummy that we wish we can eat a lot (but they were for the parents who are coming to a teacher interview so we only got a bite of scone). Here is the link of the recipe: click here!  We changed it a little to make the sweet one... we used much less salt, added 1.5 tablespoons or sugar and rolled it out.  Then we added cinnamon and sugar and when they were cooked, drizzled icing on them (cinnamon and vanilla flavor).

We hope the parents enjoy eating the scones as much as we enjoyed making them! If you make them send us a comment on how it went and what it looks like.

By Luca and Damien

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  1. Your scones were fantastic! The parents thought we were kidding when they found out the students had baked them. I especially liked the cheesy ones, but the cinnamon scones were scrumptious too! What will you cook next I wonder?

  2. ayesha bradford moor14 March 2012 at 22:42

    I absoulutely love scones.Can you teach me?

  3. It looked very delioces I hope it taste's nice

  4. It looked very delioces I hope it taste's nice

  5. Hi LH3,
    We relay enjoyed watching the scones movie.We hoped that you enjoyed eating the time you should bake some more scones and share it withe the school and next time you should make the movie longer.


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