Friday, 1 April 2011

Hi everyone,

Miss Martin came and spoke to us a while ago to tell us about the qualities she looks for in her employees.  We'd been learning how to take notes and we did this while listening to Miss Martin and Miss Holland filmed it all incase we missed something out.

Then we pulled out all of the key words and got into groups.  We organised the ideas and put the most important ones at the top of our lists and we put the other ones in order from there.  All of the ideas were important though because Miss Martin wouldn't have said them if they weren't.

Today we learnt how to use tagxedo to show the keywords.  The ones we thought were most important show up the biggest and the less important ones are smaller.  You can go to if you want to try this out.

This is an example, made by Ben, Jamie and Maddy:

We've got all of them up on the walls of the Hub if you'd like to come and see them.

Laters, Edwin and Ben

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